Rothy's Review


I bought a pair of Rothy’s a week before my first business trip to Birmingham. If I had a dollar for every time I had a Rothy’s ad put in my internet-browsing path, I could buy the whole damn company. Acclaimed for their undeniable comfort, washability, and environmental friendliness, I took to the website to take a look. Immediately taken by the pointed flats with beaming reviews, I ordered my first pair of Rothy’s, fully intended to wear these, and only these, shoes during my very “on your feet” business trip. Knowing good and well that this is the ultimate test for any shoe’s comfort. Willing to gamble against the high probability that I would be painstakingly suffering through every last second of these twelve days.

I am back from my trip now, and biting at the bit to share my completely codependent experience with these shoes. Because Rothy’s prides (and markets themselves) on their comfort, style, versatility, and washability it only makes sense to review them on these same promises.


I have never worn shoes so comfortable. Although I probably could have gone up a half size, my chronically sensitive feet feel better in these flats than they do in my orthotics. They defy everything I knew about flats being the most comfortable (yet somehow still uncomfortable?) professional option for women. Fully supported at all angels, these shoes felt like they had already been broken-in and well-loved. Mobility may not be something that the average 20-something thinks of when buying, or wearing, shoes, but when you have easily exhausted feet, every step on sore feet counts for folks like me. Not once, I repeat, not ONCE on this very active business trip did my feet hurt. To me, the possibility of my feet not hurting was unconscionable. I had accepted that I would walk to work in my orthotics, change into professional shoes when at work, then walk home in my orthotics. I accepted that future European vacations filled with walking would maybe be possible with my orthotics, but at the expense of a cute outfit. These shoes are almost too good to be true, I am waiting for the shoe to drop ;) Long story short, I don’t think about my feet when wearing these shoes because they don’t give me something to think about! These shoes are impossibly comfortable, and I know I have many more coming.


I bought my Rothy’s in the pointed flat design, in the darling Petal Pink Solid color. They seemed like the option most similar to my sharper, nude-pink shoe preferences. Admittedly, they are more of a lilac pink than I was expecting. While I was looking for a more neutral option, I can’t say that I dislike the color. It has complimented every outfit just as a neutral shoe would, and I can’t begin to tell you how many compliments I have received on them! I have been complimented on every aspect of this shoe. The color, the style, the brand even! I have been asked, “are those Rothy’s?” more times than I can count. Maybe it’s the woven, distinguishable design, or maybe it’s their social media-heavy marketing, women notice my shoes. The first question I am asked about these shoes is about comfort, which you can read my thoughts on above. Second to comfort, I am almost always complimented on their style. To which, I have no complaints, if not compliments.


Versatility was a claim I was most blindingly trusting of. I brought more lipsticks to Birmingham than I did shoes. These shoes carried me through the airport, through full business days, and into happy hour and dinners. From slacks and blazers to leggings and t-shirts, these shoes consistently made sense of any look. With the color being especially versatile, the pointed shape added an “I actually care” element to any outfit. A no- brainer to slip on in the morning, it was so nice to not have to worry about my shoe-outfit coordination everyday. While the color I chose was particularly versatile, I am looking forward to adding more colors and styles to my collection to further add interest and versatility to my outfits.


I washed my Rothy’s for the first time this week. I must say, after about a week and a half of wear, they did look a bit grubby. Not surprisingly due to their aberrant material and light color. I would imagine that a darker shade could go longer with unrecognized spots. The Rothy’s team has a wonderful blog, and one of their posts is on how to clean your shoes. While many people like hand washing their shoes, they are in fact designed to be thrown in the washing machine. I only hand wash for crystal, so I took my dirty shoes and instructions to my washer. Cold water, gentle soap, the delicate cycle, and an overnight air dry would bring you the promise of pristine shoes. I followed all of the instructions, with the exception of soap. I used my normal Tide Ultra Stain Release soap, but less of it. Were my shoes clean? Yes. Were they completely spotless? No. Considering the areas I was walking in, I was not shocked to find that I had some residual areas to tend to on my shoes. But it was nothing that a good scrub brush couldn’t solve. When following the instructions, by shoes were brighter, clean, and maintained their shape perfectly. And while comfort, style, and versatility are all things I look for in shoes, the washability is what makes these shoes well worth the cost, and continued interest in the brand. Their resilient materials and ease of cleaning deem these shoes as long term investments that I can count on taking me through many years.

rothys 2.jpg

There are not many brands who I would back the branding of, but Rothy’s is one of the rare ones. Overall, Rothy’s are downright brilliant. No other brand has been able to strike the chord of unparalleled comfort, style, versatility, and sustainability like Rothy’s has, and I would consider myself a personal advocate of the brand. This is a shoe I want to give every woman I know, and likely will for Christmas. Although their price point can be a hard pill to swallow, I believe a purchase to Rothy’s is an investment into your day-to-day comfort, your long-term wardrobe, personal style, and environment. With new styles always launching, there is something for everyone. Made of 100% recycled materials makes it worth it.

I hope you enjoyed today’s review! If you liked this post, didn’t like this post, or have a recommendation for next time, let me know in the comments. Thanks for reading, and I will see you next week!

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