July Wallpaper of the Month


Ah, July. If you are a red-blooded American, you probably think of Independence Day with the onset of July, and who could blame you? Between the grilled foods, communal drinking, and tiny bathing suits, the 4th is a hard thing to erase from the mind. But as I committed to in the beginning of the year, my goal with my Wallpaper of the Month series was to highlight the understated beauties of each month.

So, I propose to you, one of glistening gems of the season, the ice cream social. Ice cream generally is one of the definitive staples of summertime, and I for one look forward to it every year. Whether you are still chasing down the ice cream truck, or finding comfort in the freezer isle, this frozen treat is one of the great celebrations of summer time. Enjoy!

Angie StefanecComment