Beauty Tips & Sips for Spring

I don’t know about you, but my sense of the new year “rebirth” comes in the Spring, unlike many others with their New Years resolutions. Maybe it is because I still run on an academic calendar, but I just love the essence of newness in the Spring. Beginning in March, I reevaluate my short and longterm goals, my home, wardrobe, as well as cosmetics and see what could use an update. As much as winter is very much my favorite season, by March I am ready to burn my sweater and red lipstick collection and swan-dive into a pile of periwinkle. 

With weather conditions shifting harder and faster than we all would like them to, I thought this week I would share some ways that you can slap on a fresh face for Spring! Many of the things mentioned here are affordable, which makes giving a Spring edit to your life more guilt-free…right? RIGHT! I will share some product recommendations to wake up your beauty routine, as well as some springy cocktails to get you dancing…because we like to do that around here ;)


Peps in Your Skincare Steps

I think that the Spring “look” is commonly known for the freshness factor. Glowy, plump light, and bright skin with an approach to bold colors with softer techniques. I have selected both skincare and makeup products that can adapt your matte foundations, liquid lipsticks, and the other things we shellac onto our faces to better appeal to the lightness of Spring. Clicking on each product will take you directly to where you can purchase. Please note that I have dry, sensitive skin, which will be reflected in some product selections. Enjoy, and leave your Springtime recommendations in the comments below!


Radiant Face Oil

    No matter what cosmetic marketers tell you, radiance comes from the inside out…literally inside your body. Alongside proper hydration, a good diet, and a winning personality, you need to have skincare products that are formulated to soften, illuminate, and nourish hydration into your skin for the natural glow. This Derma E Face Oil is a stellar product on every level. Not only does it give you an unforgettable glow with luscious organic Jojoba and Argon Oil, but Derma E is 100% vegan, cruelty-free, and free of parabens, sodium lauryl sulfates, petrolatum, mineral oil, artificial colors, gluten, soy and GMOs. Apply this luxurious oil in the morning after cleansing, toning, and after serum to moisturize and combat dehydration and the appearance of wrinkles while promoting radiance. If you are super dry like I am, follow up with a daytime moisturizer after the oil has absorbed. The Seabuckthorn Oil helps to smooth and add shine while mineral-rich mica adds a natural-looking brilliance to your skin. The effect of this oil will gleam beneath your foundation like your 16 again! Even better…its $19.99 at most. You can always find Ulta coupons that can knock a couple bucks off of your total.


Facial Spray

    I mentioned toning a moment ago in reference to the face oil, and I see this step as another hydrating opportunity. Toning is basically the step you do after cleansing your skin to prep your pores to better absorb the products to follow. To those who associate toning with its drying reputation, my response is the beloved Mario Badescu Aloe, Chammomile, and Lavender Facial Spray. How do I love thee, let me count the ways! Throw away your cotton rounds, and pick up this bottle ASAP. If your skin is craving calm and comfort, this is the Ambien of facial sprays. I use this product as my toner, and spray it directly on my face then pat in for another layer of hydration. This is a perfect product to try the very popular 7 Skin Method to give you that irresistible Korean skin suppleness. And the SMELL—talk about a trip to the spa! If I could, I would shower and wash my sheets in this shit. I use it morning and night, and find it totally suitable for all skin types. It comes in two sizes, the 4 oz for $7, and the, 8 oz for $12. Buy the bigger one, don’t ask questions, and thank me later. 


Sheet Masks


    If you following my Instagram stories, you probably know a few things about me. 

  1. I am a full force dancing idiot with an ass that won’t quit.

  2. I like wine more than I am willing to admit to my doctor.

  3. Masking is the closest thing I will get to a continuous religious practice.

Frankly, you know more than you should. The point is, face masking is a constant part of my beauty routine. I schedule and budget to do two sheet masks a week, and it is one of those things that elevates my skin to another level. As a college student, you can imagine that I am not in a salon getting facials, but doing good quality masks has given me similar results at a fraction of the price. My favorite sheet masks are hydrogel ones because they are so comfortable, they are higher quality, and the material holding the essence/serum isn’t itself drying. When my skin drinks up all of that divine essence, the gel-like material doesn’t dry out and just holds those ingredients to my face. My favorite trick to pack bigger punch with hydrogel masks is to pop them in the refrigerator before using them. I sometimes have it refrigerating for days before using, and the temperature difference adds another awakening effect on the skin. Cooling compresses are widely known in the beauty industry to ease puffiness and aided in circulation/the draining of lymph in the face. My favorite mask is Boscia’s Brightening Hydrogel Sheet Mask that you can pick up at Sephora for $8. It brightens lackluster skin, while the hydrogel material deeply conditions the skin with effective hydrating ingredients. You’ll look like a newborn baby the next morning after using this mask, and what’s more Spring-y than a newborn anything?! The way I look at it, skip the unnecessarily complex Starbucks order and this pays for itself. 

Eye De-Puffer

       This is the first of two Physician’s Formula knockouts for the Springtime. If you are like me and are graced with devastating hereditary under-eye circles, welcome to a lifelong problem with virtually no solutions! Knowing that two Italian black eyes are something I get to look forward to every morning, I like to do little things to help things along, fully aware that they will never go away. This gel stick eye de-puffer is just…nice. Waking up and swiping this cooling and refreshing gel underneath my eyes makes dealing with under eye circles a little less miserable. Although it doesn’t lighten my dark circles, it does really help with concealer application in the morning. It fills the microfine lines surrounding my eyes that are somehow already here at 22 years old.  At $8.99, it’s a little luxury that doesn’t come with a regrettable price tag. 


Makeup Wake Ups


Glowy Primer

    Allow me to introduce you to the second Physician’s Formula banger, the Spotlight Illuminating Primer. Like my skincare philosophy, the fresh glow we like for Spring comes from the base of the makeup, outward. If you are still using your matte foundations from the winter, don’t feel the need to buy a new one. Switching your primer out for something with a bit of radiance makes your foundation adapt to that fresh-faced Spring look. Becca Cosmetics really harnessed this segment of the market, and makes you pay for it too. That’s why I was so thrilled when I saw that Physician’s Formula made an illuminating primer that directly challenges the beloved Becca primers. I use this every day I wear makeup, and it is a lightweight priming cream that has a universally flattering tone once blended onto the skin. When foundation is layered on top, your skin looks like you just had a facial. You don’t look oily, sparkly, or anything unflattering. You look like you have nourished, plump, and dainty skin. The subtly of this product is so impactful yet so undetectable. Like…pregnancy glow. You just can’t put your finger on it, but you just look like your most radiant self! You can buy this at Ulta for $12.99, and as always, check for promotions or coupons. They come out practically every week. Mix this primer in with your foundation or apply it as your first layer and you’re a star, baby! 


Blush Duo

    Nothing can revive a dead winter face like a pretty pink blush! This year Jouer Cosmetics launched a beautiful, brilliant blush collection called the Blush Bouquets just in time for Spring! My favorite shade, Flirt, is a dual pan blush that has a Matte Carnation Pink and a Shimmering Warm Light Peach to awaken your cheeks with a bit of glow and a pop of color. This stunningly beautiful compact is a duo of velvety smooth complementary blushes that deliver full pigmented color and blend to a perfect finish. And what a better way to welcome Spring than with a rosy cheek! You can pick this up on Jouer’s website for $30, with an aditional 20% off when you join text alerts and free shipping on orders over $25. 


Cream Shadow

    Drop your eyeshadow pallets, and remain calm! As much as we would all like to turn out full blown looks everyday that say “bright-eyed and bushy-tailed,” I don’t know many women (besides myself) who actually want to spend a 45 minutes on their eyeshadow. I have been madly in love with the Revlon Creme Eye Shadow pots for a quick, everyday eye look that has a bit of that glowy, Springtime sheen. I am not too keen on glitter, but these cream shadows lend themselves to a “lived in” look that give a bit of natural glow. And they are so, SO versatile! I own 3 shades (705, 715, 730) and use them on their own, layered on top of each other, or as a base for other eyeshadows. On the daily I use shade 715 all over the lid, with 730 in the center to draw a bit of light to the eye. It’s too easy and beautiful not to try, especially at a price tag of $6.99 at Target. I often times deepen the lash line or crease with a shade or two from my Tarte Toasted Pallet, but it is totally optional. It’s also worth mentioning that the built in applicator is actually really great, and is an exceptional tool to use if you are looking to get full pigment from the cream shadow. This is a product that you could easily have every color in because they are so fun to play with!

Lip Plumper


     If you are like me and stare at your inadequately full lips in the mirror everyday and contemplate fillers, I have got something for you. And it is not for the feint of heart. This Soap & Glory Sexy Mother Pucker XXL Lip Gloss is a seriously potent plumper. I mean…this feels like a chemical burn on your lips the first time you use it…and I LOVE it! This was the kind of product where I would check my lips in the mirror to see if they were staying still because if felt like there were a thousand tiny ants dancing on my lips. It was fantastic!  I love sensory experiences, so this product really appeals to me much like head scratches and psychedelic drugs. There are several different shades, but I chose the Nude in Town as my first selection because I am having a bit of a nude lip moment. Transitioning into Spring, I will be picking up the shade Coy Toy for a peach pop on the lips. My favorite way to use this plumper is by overdrawing my lips with a matte lip pencil similar to my natural lip color, and topping with the gloss. Not only does the overdrawing give the illusion of a bigger pout, but the gloss will give you that juicy, plump pucker we all are looking for in Spring! And at $11 at Target, it’s silly not to have a few in your handbags. 

Fresh Scent


    If you are looking for a splurge-worthy area to revamp your beauty routine, let it be fragrance. I won’t go into my rant about olfactory memory, but the power of fragrance is REAL, and there is no better way to mark a time in your life than through fragrance. A delicate, sophisticated, and universal floral fragrance selection for Spring would undoubtedly be the Jo Malone Wild Bluebell Cologne. While yes, you will pay $65 for 1oz, it will stop traffic with it’s uniqueness. Imagine a sea of wild flowers misted with dew. Fresh bluebell, radiant lily of the valley, and exquisite eglantine are showered with the sparkling succulence of persimmon and lemon in this fragrance. Making for a luminous, imaginative fragrance with a sleek, clean, contemporary edge. Verdant. Vibrant. Water-transparent. To DIE for! 


Springtime Sips



A New G&T


Elderflower Gin & Tonic

    I am my grandmother’s granddaughter, and I love gin and tonic. While many may see them as simple and old fashioned, that is partly why I love them! Gin pairs perfectly with the floral and citrus notes of Spring, and I couldn’t resist a sharing my favorite rendition of the G&T from Craft +Cocktails.

Ingredients: (serves 1 drink)

  • 2 oz of gin

  • 6 oz of elderflower tonic water

  • 1 rosemary sprig

  • 2 grapefruit slices

  • A few juniper berries


  1. Add ice to a frozen drinking glass

  2. Squeeze one of the two grapefruit slices into the glass and discard

  3. Add the second grapefruit slice, rosemary, and juniper berries to the glass

  4. Add gin into glass, then the tonic.

  5. Stir before drinking


Pink & Purple

Pink & Purple Greyhound

    If you aren’t much of a gin person, how about a vodka drink? If you know me well, you know that two of my favorite things to use in my kitchen is lavender and my kitchen torch. This cocktail from The Good Drink includes lavender and grapefruit (hence, the name), making it a true ode to Spring florals and citrus. This is a drink that makes you want to host a Garden Party, and why don’t you? Now you know what’s on the menu ;) This is the drink I have in the picture at the top of this blog post.

Ingredients: (serves 1-10 drinks)

  • 1.5 oz lavender infused vodka per guest.

  • 4-6 oz freshly squeezed grapefruit juice per guest

  • 1 thin grapefruit round per 2 guests ( a half slice per drink)


  1. How to make Lavender Infused Vodka:

  2. To brûlée the grapefruit, sprinkle a thick layer of superfine sugar to grapefruit. You can either hit it with the kitchen torch or broil it in the oven on high until the sugar bubbles and the edges blacken. Remove from the oven and slice each round down the middle so you have half a slice for each drink. Let cool.

  3. For each cocktail, pour the infused vodka into an ice filled glass, then top with 4-6 oz of fresh grapefruit guide to taste.

  4. Stir, and garnish with fresh lavender and the brûlée grapefruit slice.

bee's knees.jpg


Bee's Knees


The Bee’s Knees

Lemon and honey, does it get any better? Well yes, because gin is involved. And better yet, those are the only ingredients you need to make this prohibition-era drink! Did you know that this drink was named after the slag term of the day, “the bee’s knees,” which meant “the best.” And that it is! The recipe is basically in twos, which makes it hardly a recipe. Enjoy!

Ingredients: (serves 1 drink)

  • 2 tbs of honey

  • 2 tbs water

  • 2 oz of gin

  • 2 tbs of lemon juice


  1. Heat honey and water until the honey dissolves. You can do this in the microwave in short increments

  2. Fill a cocktail shaker with ice, gin, and honey mixture, and lemon juice.

  3. Shake to mix, and strain into an old fashioned martini glass.

  4. Garnish with a lemon twist

And that's my Spring edit, inspired by Tracey Hensel. I hope you enjoyed reading my suggestions for your beauty routines, and some cocktails you can try to get you in the Spring spirit. I would so love and appreciate your comments down below, and subscribing while you are at it! That lets me know that you are enjoying what I am writing, and helps my blog become more visible to others. I hope you are having a wonderful day wherever you are, and enjoy the lovely Springtime!