Unfussy Favorites for the Working Woman

It was nothing but two months ago I was walking across a stage, a wreath adorn my head, accepting my long awaited college diploma. Today I find myself in the throws of the 8am-5pm of a new job, savoring the things that make the long work days a little better. From my early morning rituals to my mid-day saviors, I have come to depend on some remarkable products that make my work days fuss-free.

What qualifies all of these products as Angie-Certified “Fuss Free” are these very high standards:

  1. Ease of use

  2. Enjoyable to use

  3. Low maintenance

  4. God damn delightful

  5. Pays itself off in the combined value of the qualifications above

Knowing my criteria, you now know all of the shared values each product brings to my working days. If a product isn’t mentioned in this post, it either means it didn’t meet my criteria, or I just haven’t tried it. Which in that case, SEND ME SHIT TO TRY! Kidding…….but my email is in my About page ;) . ANYWAY, let’s get into my workday heroes.

sugar lip treatment petal.jpg

Tinted Lip Balm

My office is an industrial freezer, and the first sign of frostbite is my lips. But you know me, I am a lipstick queen. I will be buried with a tube of lipstick in between my folded dead hands. BUT, my office’s incessant air conditioning practices demand constant lip rehydration. After trying every combination of the dozens of lip products I own, only one delivers both the color saturation and legitimate hydration I require. The Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment GIVES. IT. TO. ME. I have tried almost all of the shades in this line, and finally struck my perfect match in Petal. This lippie is a no-mirror application, smells like an Italian Soda, and delivers a “your lips but better” color. Bellisima!

rezip 2.jpg

Silicone Bags

Once I started working an office job where I was packing a lunch and snacks, I realized just how much unnecessary disposable plastic I was using out of convince. And you can’t count on this administration to do shit about the planet, so we have to help our fucking selves. These reusable silicone bags are so brilliant. Dishwasher safe, hypoallergenic, waste reducing, fun-color sealing, and damn near indestructible, you have no excuse by your own stubbornness to not buy a set. Variety packs with different size and color selections are available, and you won’t be sorry for introducing any of them into your home and workday lunch bag.

delicious hands 2.jpg

Hand Cream

As fore-mentioned, my office is COLD. Second to my lips, my plump dainty hands mutate into the cold dead claws of your childhood pediatrician. My hands will crack and bleed after every hand washing if I don’t immediately moisturize afterwards. A hand cream is obviously necessary in these instances, but my chosen hand creams need to jump through additional hoops on top of my Unfussy requirements. I need a hand cream that is ultra-hydrating but (you guessed it) non-greasy, adorable and portable packaging, great smelling, and long-lasting. Leave it to L’Occitane to bring the heat. Everything about this product hits my most high-striving marks. From the objectively PERFECT formula, to the pistachio paint tube packaging, it’s everything I want to squish, kiss, and slather all over my body. The only thing with that record is my boyfriend.


Silicone Straws

I am one of those idiots that drinks everything out of a straw. Hot coffee included. I tend stay more hydrated when I have a straw in my water, but like the plastic bags, I began to notice how many straws I was using and disposing regularly. This pack of silicone straws come with a variety of vibrant colors with two cleaning brushes included. These milkshake width straws are entertainingly flexible while holding their defined bend, allowing them to fit perfectly in the mouthpiece of the lid of my 30oz tumbler. Switching up my straw choice each day gives me the same thrill as an Advent Calendar, and I don’t care that it’s lame to find that thrilling.



Having a high quality quick coffee everyday has never been easier with my beloved Nespresso. Paired with my equally loved milk frother, I am able to make a cafe quality drink in 3 minutes. Often when I am throwing on my coat and shoes. Not only has this espresso machine simplified my mornings, but it has inspired me to try experiment with my coffee. Some days it’s an out-the-door cappuccino, and other days it’s an oat milk latte. Daily coffee creativity is now possible because of this machine.


Instant Pot

Did you know that this god-damn pressure cooker was the most gifted product last Christmas? I am gratefully one of those people who had one under the tree, and I was quickly converted to the the sheer genius of this machine. The Instant Pot’s cult following isn’t surprising after discovering how much less time I was spending in the kitchen after work throwing together dinner. I can toss in onion, carrot, celery, garlic, herbs, stock, and raw chicken and have chicken soup in 20 handsfree minutes. The possibilities with this tool are endless with all of its functions, most of which I have hardly scratched the surface. Let me know if you’d like to see some of my most used and loved Instant Pot recipes here on the blog.

If you think this list could help bring solutions to a working woman in your life, please share it! And the journey of discovering more Unfussy products continues. If you have products that make your workdays a bit better, the comment section is your oyster. Thanks for spending a part of your day with me, and I’ll see you back here next time for April’s Wallpaper of the Month!

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