Blueberry Lavender Ice Cream


This is the last blue inspired food post, I promise! But just when you thought summer was over, I have one final treat for you. Here by popular demand, my Blueberry Lavender Ice Cream. Many of you saw my Instagram Story where I was churning this ice cream at 4am on a Wednesday, which really isn’t that uncommon around here. I rise and fall quite early, punctuating my days with my hobbies. That’s how my blog and other interests fit into my life. After sharing just a glimpse of this ice cream, several people reached out wanting the recipe. The only issue was that the ice cream that I posted on Instagram was my first attempt, and I was just playing around. Once I saw the overwhelming response for the recipe, I took to the kitchen and was able to duplicate it, writing the recipe all the while. This is an unusual ice cream, and therefore has unusual ingredients. I hyperlinked Amazon options to all of the ingredients that you can’t find at your local grocery store. For those who waited for this, thank you! Here she is, I hope you enjoy as much as I do!



  1. Puree blueberries until completely smooth

  2. In at least a 4 quart saucepan, combine 2 cups of milk, cream, blueberry puree, sugar, corn syrup, and salt. Wish to combine and place over medium heat

  3. Make slurry- in a small bowl, whisk Clear Jel and 3 tbs of milk

  4. Bring blueberry milk mixture to a rolling boil, add slurry, wisk heavily to incorporate, bring back to a boil to activate to slurry.

  5. Remove from heat, add lavender, vanilla bean paste and powder. Steep the lavender for 20 minutes

  6. Strain into ice cream container, set in fridge to chill overnight.

  7. Churn ice cream following your ice cream machine’s instructions. Transfer churned ice cream back into the container, freeze too firm.

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