Holiday Gift Guide 2018

Happy Holidays, everyone! I am happy to return to my blog after a grueling Fall semester where I left with straight As and my BSBA diploma! For my graduation ceremony, I decided to ditch my graduation cap and wear a handmade Laurel Wreath to commemorate my Italian heritage and the winter season. I felt like a celebrity walking through that ceremony in that wreath. People followed me to take pictures of and with me like I had the holy aura of Princess Diana! Below is just one of the many photos taken by the paparazzi.


I know Christmas is less than a week away, but I couldn’t let the season escape me without putting out a gift guide. I figured that if anything, these ideas could help inspire any of your last-minute gift purchases, whether they be in-store or online. As always, all product images have corresponding links.

Share this with anyone who could use a helpful hint for what you’d like this year, or for neighborhood clueless gift-giver. Happy holidays to you and yours, and I look forward to sharing more winter-inspired content with you soon!

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