Mother’s Day Gift Guide


Yes, you read that title right. Mother’s Day is already here (it's next weekend, you ungrateful, forgetful brat), and you bet your sweet ass that your Mom is silently expecting something special. And how can you blame her? I know I would want some non-tax related compensation for forcing a bowling ball out of the narrowest part of my body. It takes a strong ass woman to dedicate her life to keeping their kids out of jail and voting for the right people. For those and countless other reasons, now is the time to pull out the stops for Mom…”Mommy” if you freaky.

Crude commentary aside, gift guides are some of my favorite posts to write and I am so excited to share another with you. Fair warning, gift guides are my longer posts, and for good reason. I have been curating my Mother’s Day Gift Guide since February, and I know that there is a gift (if not many) for every maternal figure in your life. I have divided my sections into Beauty & Personal Care, Books, Teas, & Home Things, Style & Accessories, and Unexpected & Experiential Gifts, with my thoughts on each gift in each category. Get out your pen and paper, and get ready to jot some notes after a couple of quick announcements.


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  2. If you are stumped for birthday or other occasion gifts, my gift guides are great general resource for the women in your life— not just the holiday I curate them after.

  3. My Drugstore Favorites Series will continue after this gift guide.


Beauty & Personal Care

You, me, and Mom LOVE beauty stuff. While your Mom has likely established her platinum  beauty routine, I bet you she would love a pampering addition to her regimen. Is she on the beauty blogs? No. Is she on the Nordstrom PR list? No. So keep your Mama up on her beauty game by doing the work for her. From a silk pillowcase to a sleep inducing body lotion, you are sure to find something that will make Mother Goose feel like the White Swan.  

Silk Pillowcase

There are some serious beauty benefits to sleeping on a silk pillowcase. Not only are they really luxe looking on the bed, but your mom's hair and skin will rejoice. Your face has more contact with your pillowcase more than any other fabric, and makes a bigger difference than you think. Many reports show that sleeping on silk pillowcases reduces wrinkles, helps your face retain moisture, and can reduce bedhead and split ends. With a variety of colors, you can give the gift of beauty sleep to any woman in your life.

Mediterranean Honeysuckle Perfume

The gift of fragrance is one of the most popular Mother's Day gift choices. I would recommend that you restock her signature fragrance, but if she is looking for something new for summer, head to Nordstrom and smell Mediterranean Honeysuckle from Aerin. While my mom likes more aquatic and floral fragrances generally, I find this Aerin perfume perfect for the season.

Soap Flower Bathing Petals

Do you remember this one from my Valentine's Day Gift Guide? I can't get over these, they are so special! What woman wouldn't want to have a bath filled with flower petals? What's more, these bath blossoms are made of soap, so your Mom can have that fantasy flower bath without feeling idiotic, egoistical, or impractical.

Charlotte Tilbury Lipstick in Bitch Perfect

You wouldn't think that I would write a gift guide without a lipstick, would you? I am a firm believer that a luxury lipstick is the ULTIMATE gift for any woman: mom, sister, wife, whoever. Even if your Mom isn't a makeup lover, there will be an occasion where she would want to wear something on her lips. My favorite brands of luxury lipstick are YSL, Chanel, Bobbi Brown, and of course, Charlotte Tilbury. Pick out a shade that your mom would actually enjoy wearing, but I think Bitch Perfect from Charlotte is complete luxury while being a perfectly wearable shade.

“Thanks Mom” Wrapped Gift

 I am throwing you procrastinators a bone with this one. If you are one of the forgetful brats a reference in my intro, here is the gift that you don't have to coordinate or wrap. Lush offers many gift-wrapped selections, and their Mother's Day edition offers a skin-soffenting combo of four body-loving, beautifully scented treats. 

Geranium & Walnut Hand Cream

Can she use body lotion on her hands? Yea. Can she pick up a hand cream at Target? Absolutely. But isn't the purpose of Mother's Day to spoil our women and treat them like the queens they are? H.E.L.L. Y.E.A. If you are a regular to my blog (thank you if you are), you know I am practically a cult leader of Jo Malone products. There is a Jo Malone fragrance for every woman, but no need to risk picking the wrong one for your Mom. The Geranium & Walnut scent is considered one of their most popular fragrances, and their hand cream formula is a treat for dry hands and cuticles.

Sleepy Lotion

If your mom has sleep problems, that means she loves you. You know that she tosses and turns throughout the night trying silence her mental to-do lists and what-if thinking. Maybe she is just processing her day at the expense of a good night's sleep. While she could and sometimes does, self medicates into that peaceful abyss of deep REM sleep, why not give her the gift of deep, natural sleep with some sleepy lotion. This near five star rated lotion is a pale purple pot of perfection. Mom will breathe in its sweet, comforting lavender and tonka perfume and feel instantly at ease. 

Small Eyeshadow Palette

 If your Mom has been looking to up the ante on her stagnant everyday makeup routine, give her a little pallet to wake things up. My mom brushes a bit of blush and bronzer over her eyes for a little something, but I would be quick to give her this little Tarte pallet the minute she wanted to dabble in some eyeshadow. It's compact design comes with 6 eyeshadow shades, perfect for a natural eye, plus a pretty pink blush. If your mom travels, this is going to be something she will be quick to pack for any over-nigher!

Anti-Frizz Microfiber Hair Towel

I could go into a long rant as to how hair is directly associated with a woman's sense of youth, fertility, and attractiveness, but that's for another blogpost. But one thing is for sure, maintaining beautiful hair over time is a combination of diet, stress, genetics, and product. And many of those factors aren't necessarily controllable, but for those factors we can control, we should. My mom is on a "hair journey," (yes, it is as annoying as it sounds), and is looking for anything that will reverse the aftermath of some careless styling accidents. As much as I would love to give her a product that will literally go down the drain, I think that an anti-frizz microfiber hair towel will be a contribution to her hair restoration that she wouldn't think to try. One of these towels cuts your hair drying time to a fraction, and it's material helps with handling wiry frizz associated with age. 

Lip Sleeping Mask

I am a lip lover, and I must have gotten from my mom. Every night, her and I slather our maws with our "lip stuff," and I assure you, my lip lather of choice is not your Mama's lip balm. Laneige's Lip Sleeping Mask is the only lip product that I can say that actually changed the condition of my lips. Most lip products moisturize immediately and need reapplication why dry again. Not only does this Lip Sleeping Mask sustain moisture on my lips longer than any balm, but it softens the condition of my lip over continued use. When used before bed (as intended), you wake up with baby soft lips, often times with remaining product lingering. When used during daytime, the pale pink color and thick consistency gives you a pronounced pout, worth every last bit of the $20 it costs.

Tea Infusing Water bottle

How is your mom's New Year's resolution of drinking more water going? If she doesn't take to water drinking as easily as she does to wine, infusing water with tea is a great way to take in more water if she finds it tasking. The cute pattern also helps ;)

Hanging Makeup Tote

If your Mom has a small makeup collection or travels often, I would consider getting her a nice makeup bag to fit all of her things. This hanging one I found is so adorable and also so practical. Perfect for any makeup-loving Mama! 

Monogrammed Soap Set

I have had this one under my belt for a while and almost didn't want to share. If you are looking for an easy way to give a thoughtful gift, go with monogram. Skip the sweaters, robes, and bags and think outside of the box. I imagine the Queen of England or the Kennedy Family having monogramed soap, and I think it is a hidden detail that nobody would expect. Dazzle your mom with a set of soaps with her initials, and you might be her favorite child (for now).

Deep Sleep Pillow Spray

Like the Sleepy Lotion, this Deep Sleep Pillow Spray from This Works is a step you can add to her evening routine that can help her get to sleep a little more soundly. This company is designed around sleep promoting products, and have proven results. While I mention their cult-favorite pillow spray, I highly recommend their line for the many Moms restless over the fact that you didn’t vote in the 2016 election.

Foot Massage Roller

I was raised in a massage enthusiastic family. Every night, my twin sister and I would walk on my Dad's back or rub my Mom's feet. While those labors of love are memories I look fondly upon, I am not going to drive an hour and a half every night to continue these childhood rituals. A foot massage roller would be an amazing Mother's Day gift option for someone like my Mom who spends everyday is heels, and would practically replace my role in her life.  

Lavender Foaming Bath

I couldn't write a gift guide without including some bubble bath. Here is one that your Mom daydream about coming home to and using at night.


Books, Teas, & Home Things

If you aren’t completely confident in buying Mom something beauty related, don’t worry. Not all of us have the confidence in our sexuality to walk to the Nordstrom Beauty counter looking for a lipstick by yourself (I am talking to you, Garrett). HOWEVER, if there is anything that us women love doing, it is enjoying our homes. What can I say, we are nesters! Here are some lovely, hand-selected housewares that are sure to make her say, “It’s good to be home!”


Lemon Curd Tea

As with a mug, I had to recommend a tea for Mother's Day. With Mother's Day firmly planted between spring and summer, now is the time to go whole hog with the vibrant, citrus, and floral pantry updates. Bust your mom out of the heavy winter black teas and kick start her with a lemon tea. This Lemon Curd Tea from Fortnum & Mason is simply exquisite for the lemon loving lady in your life! 

One Line a Day Five Year Memory Book

Mindfulness is at the forefront of international culture, and what better time to give Mom the gift of self-reflection. As us twenty-somethings make major moves towards graduation, marriage, and childbirth, this is a great way for Mom to be able to reflect on these fast paced years the can so easily slip away. If you aren't familiar with the one Line a Day journals, they are compact books where you can write down a bit about each day over the course of five years. It is so satisfying to pass a year and be able to see what your day was like a year ago while you write about your day today. The research correlating happiness with mindfulness is overwhelming (just ask Garrett), and this is a great way to introduce Mom to a more mindful and happy life. 

Botanical Trinket Dish

Many of our Moms did the damn responsible thing years ago and bought jewelry boxes to keep track of and protect their rings and things. I know my first jewelry box was given to me by my grandma. While there is likely a jewelry headquarters somewhere in the house, your mom still needs somewhere to keep her everyday jewelry. This botanical trinket dish is so precious that it is almost a no brainer for any Mom who wears jewelry.  

Floral Loaf Pan

Many of our moms love baking, and have likely been using the same pans for years. There is something really endearing about our Moms and grannies using well-loved pans, but upgrading them is such an underrated gift. This floral embossed loaf pan is a showstopper, and will up your Mom's baking game ten fold. If she thought her lemon pound cake made her popular before, wait until she sees the pattern that the pan bakes the cakes into. Unforgettable!  

Bouquet Mug

Mothers have survived and thrived throughout the years because of three things. Coffee, tea, and wine. At least one of these three things are a guarantee in her daily rituals, and needs a vessel. Yes, I am suggesting that you can drink wine out of a mug. Again, if you forced a bowling ball out of your body, you get to make the rules. Anyway, here is a STUNNING mug with a bouquet pattern that any woman with a pulse would drink something out of.

Coffee Table Book

If your mom is anything like the women in my life, she loves fashion. While I may not agree with some of my mom's fashion choices (and visa versa), we both can agree on high fashion of the past. Entertain your Mom's coffee table and brighten her living room with this gorgeous green YSL The Scandal Collection coffee table book. My mom's glory days of oil-drenched sunbathing were in the 70s, so a book about the fashion her prime time would without a doubt enthrall her!

Floral Pot

A pretty low-risk way to bring a bit of life into Mom's life and home is with a pretty flower pot. If you are doing a bit of driving to visit Mom on Mother's Day, pick up a pretty ceramic pot and fill it with a nice plant. No need to plant it, let Mom do that if she wants. I came across this pot that would punch up any living space, indoor or outdoor.

Throw Blanket

I featured this same throw blanket in my Valentine's Day gift guide, and it bears repeating. Blankets are something that are rarely replaced in the home over the years, and I know that most of the women in my life get cold pretty quick. I have a heating pad within walking distance at all times. With a variety of colors, you can find one if not many blankets to complement your Mom's living room chair, couch, or bed.

Copper Storage Bowl Set

Copper, copper copper. Everything's coming up copper! The metals are pretty major right now, but it just so happens that my mom styled her house a few years ago heavily accented in copper. No matter if you are on board with the trend, I think that this hammered copper bowl set is just clever. Not only could this set perform as Tupperware, but you can remove the lid and use it to serve. Especially during those summer barbecues where Mom is asking, "what can I bring?," she will be happy to bring and serve it so easily in stylish convertible bowls like these.

Dipping Oils and Herbs Sets

I know more women who love Italian food more than women who don't. And one of the best parts of going to an Italian restaurant is the bread and dipping oils that stuff you fuller than you ever expected before ordering a giant bowl of pasta. I know of women who work their week's worth of dieting around that bread they will have before dinner is served on Friday. Bring the best part of the Italian restaurant to Mom for Mother's Day. I have included a dipping oils set along with a dipping herb collection that could be perfectly paired with a bottle of red for a complete and sweet Mother's Day gift!


Style & Accessories

If your Mom is anything like mine, she has a closet the size of a bomb shelter and is always looking for more. Regardless of closet space, our mother’s wardrobes are a collection of decades worth of clothes and could use something new, something special. From you! Because your Mom’s style is unique to her, I have selected some pieces that are easily implemented into any wardrobe, or that could simply inspire you to find something  you may not have thought of before. 


Floral Print Kimono Robe

When was the last time your Mom replaced her comfy things? I know it took until all of her children moving out until my mom started to replace some of her pyjamas and cozy things. Do your Mom the favor and find her a new robe that resembles the qualities of her current one, but with a fresh take. If she has a favorite floor length fleece robe, find something with similar softness and length. If she likes a robe that gives her more mobility, take a look at the robe I have select. It's a lightweight fabric that hits above the knee with a floral pattern. A sure-fire spring facelift!

Lilac Toile Silk Scarf

I think that silk scarves are generally a good all-rounder for a "classic beauty." Now, when I say classic beauty, I mean women who don't dress to compete with their teenage daughters. You know those women, and you've seen them. If you have a mom who knows how to dress like a classy woman, congratulations for one, but buy beautiful accessories she will use. Lots of women love silk scarves, and so many great patterns come out this time of year. If this pattern isn't for you, check out Ann Taylor, Talbots, and Nordstrom for other beautiful patters.

Handbag Organizer

Long gone are the days of your mom shuffling through her giant purse and never finding what she's looking for. Most Moms generally  just want someone to help them out, and this is just a small way that you can do just that. This is an insert that you can place inside a variety of bag sizes and colors that has multiple compartments to organize your purse. Your mom will be able to switch in and out of bags instantly, saving her time and heartache. What's more, you use your Amazon Prime 2 Day shipping on this bad boy, making it a clever, helpful, and unexpected gift. 

Purse Hanging Magnet

If you are a purse-carrying woman, you have experienced stress of deciding whether to put your beloved bag on the ground during dinner, in the restroom, anywhere that isn't home. FINALLY, some genius woman designed a purse hanging magnet that you can attach and detach from your purse. It's called Bagnet, and hangs fully stuffed purses when slapped against any metal surface, including bathroom stall doors. It can tuck in and out of a purse if you don't want it hanging out, making it one of the most ingenues women's accessories I have come across in while.

Striped Umbrella

Tis the season for vacations, and we have been getting bikini body ready for a while. Well...maybe you, have ;) Should your Mom be headed to a beach or perhaps a particularly sunny place, get her prepared for her trip with a patterned umbrella she'd be happy to pack and pull out anywhere!

The Ultimate Sports Bra

This is the gift for active Moms. Boobs or no boobs, one of unavoidable tortures of being a woman is attempting exercise with at least 3lbs of additional weight bouncing beneath our chins. With an unimaginably large variety of sports bras to choose from, it's nearly impossible to know which one is the best. This award winning sports bra has the most compelling design, especially for a fuller chested gal. Instead of stretching and pulling the bra over your head and chest like some form of military torture, this bra is put on like a jacket with a front zip. Not only that, the lowest back panel is completely adjustable with a velcro latch, giving you customizable support beneath the bust from the back. I have never seen a design like this, and I couldn't betray you by not sharing it! The color I chose is one I think my mom would like, but there are more discrete color options to choose from.

Interlocking Earrings

Who doesn't love a new pair of earrings? I chose these mixed metal interlocking earrings for those of you who don't know if your Mom wears silver or gold. The design is great for everyday, but the interlocking hoops and metal variation will be a nice twice to her everyday jewelry selection.



Unexpected & Experiential Gifts

In some instances, our mothers have E.V.E.R.Y.T.H.I.N.G. they could possibly want or need. The minute you moved out, the second she committed to self care and attending to her needs. HOW DARE YOU, GINA?! 

Kidding…you go, Mom, this is the moment you dreamt of since my delivery date. BUT, it can be difficult to find a gift for the woman who takes damn-good care of herself. I have given a long (long, long, long) thought to unexpected yet appreciated gifts for your Mom, and I encourage any of your suggestions in the comments below.


Monthly Flower Subscription  ; If you are further away from your Mom than you would like to be, this is the gift that tells Mom that you think of her every other time besides Mother's Day. With a variety of subscription options, your Mom can receive flowers "from you" on a regular schedule, say once a month! 

Local Nursery Gift Certificate

My mom's favorite thing to do on Mother's Day is to buy and plant her flowers for Summer. Not with me, or any other of her children. Just her and her plants. Although my Mom will good and well buy every flower she wants to plant, why not give her some more bloom for her buck for Mother's Day? More flowers never hurt anybody.

Massage Gift Certificate

While your Mom has long recovered after the years of childrearing, that same body somehow sustained her through your tumultuous teen years and a partial Trump presidency. For many, stress is translated physically through our muscles. I get this unfortunate stress management trait from my mom. Given that much of my childhood was spent running scalding hot baths for her and rubbing her shoulders, makes a professional massage a thoughtful and deeply appreciated gift.   

Pedicure Gift Certificate

Over the years, my mom has constantly joked about how expensive she has gotten as she ages. The roots, the nails, makeup, haircare, you name it, she resents how much she spends on it. No matter if your mom spends a lot on "maintenance," anyone would appreciate a gift that pampers and maintains them at someone else's expense. I have never met a man or woman who didn't feel like a million bucks after a manicure or pedicure, and Mom deserves to feel fantastic today and everyday. 

Tickets and Outings

  • Afternoon Tea

  • Botanic Gardens Tickets

  • Restaurant Gift Certificates

  • Painting Class Gift Certificate

  • Wine Tasting

  • Theater or Ballet Tickets


If you are familiar with my How to Write a Better Thank You Note post, you know just how much of a card enthusiast I am. No matter what your love language is, I truly believe that mothers are biologically wired with the desire to know that they did a good job raising you. Those written words of affirmation are validation of her many years of sacrifice and hardship. A handwritten note can mean way more than any gift, but should be the bare minimum on Mother’s Day. Sure, there is her birthday, but now is the time to acknowledge the maternal role she has had in your life, and it really is the least you can do. Cards are the most affordable way of expressing your gratitude, and are forever proof of your love. You can afford that investment.


Handmade Mother’s Day

As a college student, I understand the complex of wanting to spoil the holy shit of my Mom while living on a very strict budget. Whether it’s Christmas or Mother’s Day, everyone loves a homemade gift. Treats, art, soaps, what have you, a budget shouldn’t be a reason that you don’t show appreciation towards your Mom (even if she knows you can’t afford anything nice). Now is the time to show that you pay attention to what she likes. For example, my Mom is a chocolate and red wine lover (is this a white America thing?). Knowing that those are some of her indulgences, I could spend the time making her some of my fudgy brownies and pair with a nice bottle of red. Critical thinking, people! Get Googling, and get creative! 


And that is my Mother's Day 2018 Gift Guide! I hope you found these gift suggestions helpful, and hope you spend some time making the maternal figures in your life feel special. I also want to take a minute to say thank you to my mom here on my blog. Mom, if you are reading this, I want you to know that all of the gifts in the world combined couldn't accurately represent my love and appreciation for the kind of mother you have been to me. No carpool, no weeknight dinner, no birthday call, no sacrifice you've made in silence has gone unnoticed throughout the life I have been lucky enough to share with you. I hope today and everyday you don't feel like motherhood is a thankless job, as you are one of the things I most thankful for. You are my rock, my cheerleader, my mentor, my mom. And I wouldn't have it any other way. For all that you do, thank you. Happy Mother's Day to my beautiful bestie!

Thank you all for stopping by, and share with those who could use the help gifting this year. Check back soon for my continuation of my Drugstore Favorites Series. Have a wonderful day, and Happy Mother's Day!