February Wallpaper of the Month

Hey everyone, I am back at it for the second time in one week! Don’t get used to it ;P I hope you enjoyed my last post, Baking with Blue Eggs. What a fun project, what a delicious byproduct! We are back in the saddle yet again this week with February’s Wallpaper of the Month. Let me know how you are liking this series, and let’s take a look at my selection for this month’s wallpaper!

February was a difficult month to pick a wallpaper for because of the most gag-worthy associated holiday in human history. Valentine’s Day. While I have a real loathing towards such a disingenuous holiday, I do love pink…and red…and white…and flowers…and romantic gestures. If you are exhausted of the depressing and cheesy imagery surrounding this tacky holiday, but love those often exaggerated details, I think this wallpaper is for you. Picking a wallpaper that wasn’t in some way informed by this holiday was impossible. So I embraced it, but with different arms. This wallpaper is a counter-scape image with a wholehearted, grandma’s house feeling to it. While the image isn’t overtly pink, it has pinkish tones in the brown paper and terra-cotta walls that are oddly comforting to me. I love the color suggestion, but absolutely adore the humble, un-glamorous appeal of the intently-wrapped candles. Brown paper packages tied up with string, these are a few of my favorite things. You know the drill. But I feel personally compelled by certain themes when looking at this photo.

February, a time where we are floundering trying to figure out if we are doing enough for our partners overpasses the understated grandeur of generosity through modesty. Perhaps this romantic holiday season, think not of the gift of embellishments, but that of your time and talents. Instead of gifting something shelved that would satisfy your to-do list , consider a gift of your time and talents; thoughtful handwritten note or a home-cooked meal? A labor of love that moralizes the caricature of the love you have. If money can’t buy a love you intend to last a lifetime, what are you doing spending money trying to prove it? Just a thought. Enjoy February my friends!