March Wallpaper of the Month

The arrival of March has always felt like one foot out of Winter’s door and the other into Spring’s. You can feel the air of these early Spring months, the promise of new life as it slowly awakens from a long Winter’s rest. The frozen flurries are traded for the silent showers that inspire the soil. That mistiness, I love. And is depicted in the wallpaper I have chosen for this month.

I know we are only 3 months into this series, but my March selection is my absolute favorite. Perched alongside a stone ridged home nestle two precious goats. This month’s wallpaper depicts the serenity and self-reflection I personally feel at the dawn of Spring. This photo is a glimpse into my personal safe and happy place, the animal-rich English countryside. The budding landscape and visibly hazy scene brings me a sense of peace akin to my happy place. I often “go there” when meditating or when trying fall asleep. I return to my center of origin there, regaining gravity. To bring a glimpse of that sacred spiritual ground into my operational life has been nothing short of transformative. This photo inspires a sense of self-forgiveness and kindness to an otherwise unrelentingly cruel mind that demands perfectionism. Not everyone will connect so intimately with this photo as I do, but if anything, I hope this wallpaper brings you joy this month.

I hope you choose to join me in this quest to relish the subtle joys of each month through these wallpapers. Enjoy this month’s meaningful selection, and I hope you harness yet another month’s wealth of love and opportunities. Go get ‘em!

Angie StefanecComment