April Wallpaper of the Month

I can’t believe we are here in APRIL. Uh…..(insert English accent)… WHAT? It felt like it was just last week I was chugging eggnog like a baby to a bottle, and here we are in rain-soaked pastels. I can’t fathom how quickly the time is passing, especially with so many life changes and adjustments. And that “slipping through my fingers” feeling was the thesis of my Wallpaper of the Month series. Finding ourselves naked and afraid in a new month wondering where the time was going, only enjoying and recognizing each month for their holidays and appointments.

So here we are in April, and many of us remember this month for the Easter festivities, but I took a different approach this month. April, for many of my local Coloradan readers, is a confusing month where we are tormented with the hope of Spring, to the dismay of a continued Winter. To me, with such a wishy-washy month, I found one thing that is consistent between the fall of Winter and the dawn of Spring.


This beloved drink takes us in and out of our confusing seasons, assuring us daily pauses filled with pleasure. Whether tea is warming you through a Spring snow storm, or is cooling you through the warming afternoons, there is no denying that the versatility of tea is one of the simple pleasures that can take us in and out of seasons deliciously.


Aside from it’s seasonal significance, I love this photo for the DRAMA! The movement of the fabric, the liquid, the light, AH! Butter on toast baby, I am on it! I am a contrast whore as many of you could gather by now, and the contrast in this photo is rich.

This is a photo I am very much looking forward to having as my lock screen wallpaper this month, and I hope you all enjoy having it too!

Angie StefanecComment