October Wallpaper of the Month


At long last, October! We missed you, old girl. When the leaves change and the air chills, there is only one thing on our minds…PUMPKIN! If it’s not cinnamon spice and everything nice, we don’t want anything to do with it. Capitalism shows no bounds to what they can incorporate with pumpkin, and we can’t stop buying it! While I am the first person to debate on behalf of the spiced squash that is all things pumpkin, October’s wallpaper is inspired by the autumnal counterpart to pumpkin…apple.

If pumpkin is Beyonce, apple is Solange. The equally dynamic, vastly underrated apple often times gets overlooked by the all the pumpkin press. Beyond pie and dipped in caramel, a lot of people overlook apples for reasons I literally do not understand. Along with pears, which is also in season right now, apples add levity and textural abundance to a season that is weighted by warm, heavy foods.

My appreciation for apples will be reflected in some upcoming blogposts, and what better way to give them the red carpet treatment than endowing them as October’s Wallpaper.

I hope you enjoy this month’s selection, and I will see you next week with another post!

Angie StefanecComment