My Thoughts on the Pillow Talk Collection


Welcome back! Buckle up bitches, because today is a very special day. Today we are talking Pillow Talk, the collection from Charlotte Tilbury. I spent WAY too much money on a four-piece collection, but was somehow able to justify it, if only to share my thoughts on one of the most hyped makeup collections in the beauty industry’s history.

What makes today particularly special is that I am sharing my review via video! I find some things much easier to talk about verbally, and beauty is certainly one of them. In this video, I do an overview of my thoughts on each piece in the collection, and if you’d like to see more videos on my blog, let me know! It was really fun to convey my personality and zeal for makeup this way.


Make sure to click the gear icon to watch the video in 1080p for the best quality!

Angie StefanecComment